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Custom homes

Below are the "typical" steps your project will go through from start to finish. If you are already working with a designer or architect, some of the steps may not be applicable. 


1. Meet & Greet

The main goal of our initial meeting is to get to know you, your family, lifestyle, activities, priorities, goals, budget, and determine your unique needs. At this stage, the scope of work is determined, prices and timelines are agreed upon and a contract/agreement is developed to make sure all parties are on the same page. Then we visit site to determine view, solar orientation, wind, acoustics, privacy, context, and determine city constraints such as boundary setbacks, height limits, floor space ratio, building envelope and more.


2. Design

This is the fun part! The design phase offers the client their first glimpse of their finished project. Working together, we take the initial concept through a series of revisions which can be passed back and forth in face-to-face meetings and via email.

Computer-generated 3D models and renderings are produced to give the client a very vivid picture of things to come. At the end of the creative process, we will have a final design that the client will be thrilled with.


3. Construction Documents

Construction documents are the detailed "blueprints" that contractors will follow to build your project. Working with a licensed Structural Engineer (yours or one that we will be happy to recommend), the construction details are calculated and drawn to specification. All of our plans offer uncompromised details that eliminate on-site guesswork for the builder.

A Full Set of Plans From Above & Beyond Typically Includes The Following:

Cover Sheet
Site Plan
Existing Floor Plan
New Floor Plan
Foundation Plan
Shear Wall Plan
Front & Rear Exterior Elevations
Left & Right Exterior Elevations
Ceiling Framing Plan
Roof Plan
Cross Sections
Electrical Plan
Typical Structural Details
Project Specific Structural Details
General Notes
Title 24

4. Construction!

We have built solid relationships with many highly-qualified professionals. Some of our clients already have contractors while others ask us for recommendations. Because of our extensive background in construction, many clients choose to hire us to consult on their project and to refer contractors that we worked with.