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Three Reasons Why You Should Choose
Above & Beyond Building Design

1. Experience and Knowledge: Our background includes nearly 25 years of using CAD software exclusively for design and construction documents.

Additionally, We have over Twenty Three years of practical construction background, ranging from carpenter to General Contractor. The practical experience and hard fought expertise that we have acquired over the years, makes Above & Beyond Building Design eminently qualified. Whether your needs are plans for a simple ranch style home or an elegant multi-story home with lots of  detail, Above & Beyond Building Design can produce construction documents for submittal to your local building department. 

2. Save money three ways: First, we work with you to maximize the use of your space and offer helpful suggestions to save money on construction. Second, our prices are competitive, but our service is second-to-none. Third, we go “Above & Beyond” for our customers.

3. Personalized service: We work very hard to take the mystery and intimidation out of the building process. We realize this is YOUR vision, your project, and we respect your tastes and desires. Therefore, we want to be the definitive resource for you so no matter how simple or complex, you are informed about what you will get and confident you will get what you want.


You may find most design and build construction companies tout personalized service. However, these companies will lock you in by not allowing you to take your plan to anyone else to build it since this is where they make their money. Therefore, you end up paying for a plan you cannot take anywhere else to get a competitive bid from other contractors! With Above and Beyond, we will provide you with a complete set of plans that is yours to take to several sets of contractors for bidding. We even can provide you with contractor referrals if you don’t have anyone in mind.